The 237th Fall Reunion

We sincerely hope that Scottish Rite members will consider attending and participating with their fellow brethren in support of the Valley of Canton’s 237th Fall Reunion honoring Brother Jack D. Bennett. The Officers, Reunion Staff, Degree Directors and Degree Cast

Members thank you for your support and dedication to the Valley of Canton, AASR-NMJ.

On Friday October 24, The Reunion will begin with the Portrayal of the 4° and 14°, Saturday the 25th will

consist of the 5°, 9°, 24° and 29°.

This year’s Fall Reunion will feature a special program for the ladies while Scottish Rite Masons and Candidates view the conferral of the 29°

Beginning at 2:45 PM on Saturday, October 25 at the Canton Masonic Temple our ladies will be treated to light refreshments while enjoying a program featuring a presentation by Dorothy Snyder.

Following the program the ladies will be able to join the men for the Saturday Evening Dinner which will close the 237th Reunion of the Valley of Canton.

Ladies who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to be part of this Reunion should make their reservations early by contacting the Valley Office either by e-mail or at phone number 330-455-2321. The e-mail address is as follows: