MultiMedia Update

Production Notes:

Brethren – as you heard at the last Stated Meeting, the
Valley of Canton has been chosen to produce the next Degree on Video for
Supreme Council.  Production of the 6th
Degree – Master of the Brazen Serpent is already underway.

As our Deputy’s Representative, Ill. Frank Sekeres, 33⁰ explained at the meeting, Supreme
Council is producing some of the degrees on video.  These would be degrees with large casts
and/or a certain amount of difficulty for some Valleys to portray.  You may have already seen the 4th
Degree video presentation and if you check the Members Center at, you can watch
previews of the 22nd and 24th Degree videos which will be
available to the Valleys for use soon.

Our production
of the 6th Degree is in the early stages of the production process
and we will keep you up-to-date on the progress as we move forward.  While we have a small core group starting the
project, we can use lots of help as the project picks up steam.  Steve Warren, with over 30 years of experience
in broadcasting and award-winning production will lead the team as Executive
Producer.  Ill. Gary Eubank will serve
the team as Producer and Dave Griffith will bring his stage and screen
experience to the production as Cast Director.

The first –
and most important – step in the production is the selection of the cast.  Auditions will be held on September 8th
and 15th and are open to any Scottish Rite Mason from any
Valley.  Check the Chronicle and Website
for more information or send an e-mail to  Our current schedule calls for us to shoot
the second scene in a studio in southern Cuyahoga County on November 16 –
18.  We are hoping to shoot scene one in
the Canton Temple’s Cathedral Room on December 15 and 16.

This is a big and pretty ambitious project for our Valley
and we’re pretty honored and excited to have been asked and selected by Supreme
Council to be a part of it.  Transporting
a large cast to a desert during November in Northeast Ohio is going to take a
little “movie magic” and we’re looking forward to the challenge.

Next issue we will take you behind the scenes to some of the
pre-production planning, the auditions and the beginning of the special effects
creation.  In the meantime – start
growing those beards and get those audition applications turned in!!!