Rose Croix Officers

Brenton Chapter of Rose Croix

The Chapter of Rose Croix confers two Philosophical Degrees. The historical setting of these degrees is within the Christian era but without any prescribed date. Their message is universal; their fellowship may include all men who believe in one Supreme Being whatever their nation, race or creed.

The 17th Degree—KNIGHT OF THE EAST AND WEST—dramatizes man’s failure to learn from the ages. In the 18th Degree—KNIGHT OF THE ROSE CROIX OF HERODOM—a Knight of the East and West learns that by the aid of three guiding virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity, he may discover the New Law of Love. The Rose on the Cross typifies the beauty and glory of the New Law incarnate in the lives of men. The degree is deeply religious without any sectarian bias.

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Most Wise Master Mike Lengler 330-343-3502
Senior Warden Scott Garan
Junior Warden Theodore Rhodes
Orator Robert F. Penix
Master of Ceremonies Daniel J. Schario
Captain of the Guard David J. Burrier