Mystic Council Officers

Mystic Council Princes of Jerusalem

The two Historical Degrees conferred in a Council of Princes of Jerusalem cover the period from 538 to B.C. 516. They deal with persons and events connected with the end of the Babylonian Captivity of Israel, the return of some of the captives of Jerusalem, and the rebuilding of the Temple.

In the 15th Degree, KNIGHT OF THE EAST OR SWORD, Zerubbabel, a Jewish captive, wins the favor of King Cyrus and the release of the Jews from captivity. Years later, in the 16th Degree, PRINCE OF JERUSALEM, Zerubbabel returns to Babylon to plead with King Darius for military protection against the enemies of Israel and for more generous assistance in the rebuilding of the Temple. His skill in debate and his courage and integrity inspire Darius to grant his petitions. These degrees teach loyalty to conviction in the face of temptation, fidelity to duty in spite of hardships, and a devotion to Truth which is mighty above all things and which ultimately must prevail in the councils of mankind.

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Sovereign Prince Dan Riggle 330-262-4205
High Priest Brennan Wallick 740-922-2466
Senior Warden Joel Cox
Junior Warden Todd Onesti
Master of Ceremonies Ty Youngman
Master of Entrance  Christian P. Vallance