32° DAY



FEBRUARY 28, 2015

On Saturday evening, February 28, 2015, those Scottish  Rite Masons who have had the 4° and at least three Core Value Degrees

conferred upon them on prior occasions will have the opportunity to complete their Scottish Rite journey by having the 32° conferred

upon them in a very moving and inspirational ceremony in the beautiful Cathedral Room at the Canton Masonic Temple.

This is an excellent way for those brethren who may have begun their journey at a prior Reunion or Special Degree Day and  witnessed the requisite core value

degrees at events such as the Six Valley Degree Day on January 31,2015 or other activities, to become Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret, 32nd Degree Masons.

In celebration of this momentous occasion,  festivities will get underway at 6:00PM with a delicious dinner for all Scottish Rite Masons and their families.

At the conclusion of dinner, all  Scottish Rite Brethren will proceed to the Cathedral Room for conferral of the 32° while the ladies enjoy  a  program  designed

especially for them.

After conferral of the 32° and conclusion of the program for the ladies, at approximately 8:00PM, the Brethren and their Ladies will retire to the Ballroom

for dessert and dancing.

All  activities are free of charge but  RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST and can be made by contacting the Office of the Secretary, Valley of Canton at 330-455-2321

or via e-mail at valleyofcanton@yahoo.com.

Whether you’re a longtime  32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason  or a Scottish Rite Brother seeking to complete his journey, please make plans to be with us on February 28.

You’ll be glad you did. And so will we.